What Is Sleep Consortium?

Sleep Consortium is a registered not-for profit (501(c)(3)) organization created to accelerate next generation research, disease understanding and therapy development for those living with Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence (CDoH) and related diseases.

Our Mission

Through ethical data sharing practices, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Sleep Consortium is re-imagining data collection by creating a global comprehensive, federated database of CDoH omics and clinical data which aims to:

Sleep Consortium works to advance sleep health through innovation and patient empowerment.

Sleep Consortium's:

Your data belongs to you. At Sleep Consortium, we ensure that you are at the helm of data management, consent, and access. Use our portal to manage your digital medical records, maintaining your right to personal agency.

Join hands with a network of patients, families, scientists, and leaders committed to the next-generation evolution of sleep health technology.

We are dedicated to fostering a community that elevates health, gender and social equity and prioritizes diversity through inclusive leadership, engagement with international multi-disciplinary teams and broad spectrum, patient representation. Together, we address the intricate needs of those impacted by CDoH.

We utilize a secure, scalable cloud-based platform. This centralized database is accessible globally, any time. Experience a real-time ecosystem that respects your data privacy through gated access.

In collaboration with RARE-X, we gather and host robust data sets, enhancing data availability and breaking down existing silos, making it possible to share new insights across various disease domains.

Focusing on CDoH, we also address a spectrum of sleep disorder symptoms. Our approach is inclusive, serving the needs of patients across all diagnosis categories.

We adhere to the highest standards of data governance in partnership with RARE-X, who exceed HIPAA regulations to protect your privacy.

Patients who choose to participate are connected with current clinical trials, contributing to groundbreaking research and therapy development.

We collect and analyze health data, stratifying patient information to uncover patterns, comorbidities, and crucial diagnostic criteria.

At Sleep Consortium, we are more than a database; we are a movement towards a healthier, more informed sleep community. Join us in this revolutionary journey.

The Sleep Consortium’s vision of a precompetitive data sharing collaborative is groundbreaking. RARE-X is honored to support this progressive thinking, which will truly accelerate our understanding of sleep disorders, as well as therapy development. RARE-X is proud to collaborate with the Sleep Consortium to create a foundational architecture for data collection in the sleep space.

Charlene Son Rigby, CEO RARE-X