Patient Advocacy Partnerships
and Affiliated Organizations

Sleep Consortium is dedicated to direct collaboration with patients and the patient advocacy community as we seek to create an ecosystem of data in Sleep Health. As a collective of organizations, we believe that effective and meaningful partnerships drive progress and ultimately accelerate disease understanding and therapy development.  We also believe that partnerships require a shared perspective and would encourage you to visit our Vision and Core Values page for a full understanding of our aims and commitment to equity and a culture of inclusion—values that are paramount to the mission of Sleep Consortium and inform our direction and agenda. 

Joining the Consortium is free to PAG members and affords the following benefits:

Bettering the lives of people living with sleep disorders is our goal–one that is reflected in our current collaboration with global advocacy groups. We would like to acknowledge and thank the following for early championing and continued sharing of the data collection portal platform as we embark together on a new era of sleep research. 

project sleep
Narkolepsie Netzwerk
Hypersomnia Foundation
global genes
Hypersomnia Alliance
Hypersomnolence Australia
Hypersomnolence Japan

For more information on joining the Consortium alongside PAG partners or to discuss sharing of data repositories please contact our executive team at or or