Corporate Advisory Council

Sleep Consortium Corporate Advisory Council (CAC)

The Sleep Consortium Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) is an intentional collaborative community of members committed to improving all lives of those affected by clinically disordered sleep. Designated representatives from external organizations that share the values and aims of Sleep Consortium bring their unique perspectives, experience and challenges to direct progress and outcomes for our patient community across the globe. Patient advocates, academics, clinicians and industry partners who seek answers to questions that will accelerate research in Central Disorders of Hypersomnolence (CDoH) meet quarterly under the aegis and guidance of the Sleep Consortium executive team and expert medical advisory board.

The CAC is intended to shape, lead, and direct the design of new research initiatives, challenge the status quo of current research methodology and engage with the patient community to accelerate therapeutic development and access.

Benefits to participating CAC members include:

* Designates Tier 1 membership only

paul cooper

Paul Cooper

Convening & Facilitating Methodologist
Paul has devoted his 25-year consulting career to helping clients improve collaboration and internal communication. He helps groups build new awareness and mobilize energy for change as a facilitator, executive coach, organizational development consultant, and qualitative researcher. His book, Change Agent Nation: Create Change in Your Neighborhood…or Across the World was published in 2019 and is available on Amazon.
Claire Crisp

Claire Wylds-Wright

Co-founder and CXO Sleep Consortium
Claire has been advocating for children and families affected by narcolepsy since her daughter Mathilda developed Type 1 (narcolepsy with cataplexy) in 2010. With firsthand insight into early disease onset and the comorbid impact of a pediatric diagnosis, Claire authored Waking Mathilda-A Memoir of Childhood Narcolepsy (published 2017) and has since become a key opinion leader, small group facilitator and international speaker —working alongside patients, families, industry, clinicians, and researchers.
Lindsay Jesteadt, PhD

Lindsay Jesteadt, PhD

Co-Founder and CEO Sleep Consortium
Lindsay’s journey as an advocate for children and parents living with sleep disorders began when she diagnosed her four-year-old son Noah with narcolepsy. Drawing on her professional background as a Professor of Special Needs Education she has run educational webinars and global support groups for families suffering with sleep related health issues and partnered with industry as an advisor and trusted resource.

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